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Wholeness is a core principle of osteopathy. It is a living truth that challenges us to maintain our integrity and our dependence on something much greater than ourselves. Wholeness requires that we maintain a sense of the entire patient and always look for cause.

We will find what works for you

We will find what works for you
Healthcare must be complete and comprehensive, giving patients access to ALL effective methods of health & healing: traditional and modern, Eastern and Western. Dr.Krepps will work side by side to create your individualized health care plan.



“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

It’s past time for a change in healthcare. The current model is focused on treatment, not healing. Its metric is money and even the most well-meaning practitioners are trapped in a system of 12-minute appointments and tunnel-vision Western medicine, all powered by big-pharma. Despite spending more per capita ($9,237) than any other country, the United States ranks 29 th in life expectancy. Finding health should be the first job of any healthcare professional. In many Eastern countries patients pay their doctors to keep them well, but don’t pay them when they get sick. As A.T. Still said, “To find health should be the object of the doctor, any fool can find disease.” Disease does not exist in the presence of health. So, we have a choice in healthcare: restore health or combat disease. The current model is almost entirely focused on the latter, but it’s past time for a change. ABBA Health and Healing is a new paradigm in healthcare. Dr. Krepps starts with a personal evaluation of each patient to create a blueprint for restoring your health to your desired goals. Then, utilizing a concert of therapies, works with you to achieve those goals. Along the line, objective metrics are used to evaluate your progress. He believes that all healing takes place within the context of a relationship. He desires to work in equal partnership with each patient to see them restored to health... physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Dr.Benjamin Krepps, DO.

Board Certified Physician ∙ Surgeon ∙Anesthesiologist
Osteopath ∙ Acupuncturist
& Holistic Healer

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Dr. Benjamin Krepps is a Board Certified Osteopathic Physician who specializes in multiple therapeutic areas such as osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture. Click the link below to learn more.

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The goal of the doctor is to restore your health, not combate disease.